More Miscellaneous Thoughts

More Miscellaneous Thoughts

This is my first post since August. It's hard to find good topics that don't step into politics (which I have carefully avoided).

I discovered a new Android "feature" yesterday. I don't know when it was added, but looking through the Settings - Sound menu I found "Shortcut to prevent ringing". This shortcut is turned on by default. The shortcut is to press the power and volume up button together. So now I understand why my ringer kept getting turned off - when fumbling to get my phone into my belt case, I often accidentally hit the buttons. It's easy to hit power and volume up together, they are right beside each other. More stupidity from the Android developers.

News feeds - why can't I screen for garbage news? Avenati, Kardashian, Bieber - I want to never see these names again. But they show up in my news feeds constantly. It's mind numbing.

I like the concept of electric power for my daily transportation, but it would to be a terrible inconvenience for long trips. A plug-in hybrid car would seem to be the answer. So I was about ready to buy a Chevrolet Volt, despite its faults. But GM just said no more Volts - they aren't selling enough. Perhaps people aren't buying them because they made a bunch of poor design choices - poor gas mileage in gas mode (too much styling over aerodynamics?), the gas tank is too small, and the ground clearance is too low for pot holed and speed bumped roads and nasty driveway to road contours.

I haven't used Windows for several years so I get to just laugh at the disastrous October 2018 release that has so many bugs. I offer three important concepts for Microsoft and the other tech companies -

  • Bug free code is far more important that new features.
  • A stable user interface is more important than new features.
  • Most new features are just useless changes or worse.